Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One of the reasons for the "Reluctant" in my blog title

One of the reasons I style myself a "reluctant" Christian is admirably delineated in this Peter Hitchen article: the almost pathological necessity among Christians to denounce and denigrate other Christians.

It makes one wonder - even if it were possible to reconcile all the various theologies, would Christians really WANT to be reunited? Who would they have to persecute then?

I went to an Ash Wednesday Mass last week and when I came back from communion and tried to reclaim my seat, I found to my surprise that a woman who'd come in late had taken it. When I tried to explain that I'd been sitting there since the beginning of Mass, she actually grabbed my shoulders and shoved me out of the way! (My mother says it sounds like she made an "ash" of herself!).

And okay, sure, that doesn't necessarily prove anything about Christians in general, except in a way it does. Christians are expected to be forgiving, so if you treat another Christian with contempt, you've got a good chance of getting away with it, if the other Christian is even halfway trying to practice that virtue.

You know how some conservatives are saying that if John McCain is the Republican candidate, they'll have to hold their noses to vote for him? Sometimes I have to hold my nose to be a Christian.


At March 26, 2008 at 4:21 PM , Anonymous CapaxDei said...

If you think that you have to "hold your nose" to be Christian, then you are focusing on the wrong people.


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